A hearty meal is usually the highlight of any Christmas Day celebration; except maybe not for the hosts who spend most of their day running back and forth to the oven. If you have the pleasure of attending a Christmas celebration as a guest this year, don’t turn up empty-handed! We’ve got three unique turmeric-inspired dishes that will impress any guest. Not to mention, these turmeric side dishes are loaded with health benefits and taste absolutely divine. 

Christmas Appetizer

Ever heard of golden milk’s cousin, golden hummus?

She’s a little bit of a diva and is referred to as a goddess because of her striking colour and exceptional anti-inflammatory qualities. The nicest part about making your own golden goddess hummus is that you and your family can get creative with a variety of side dippers. Think fresh vegetables, pita chips, crackers, or flatbread. This appetizer is a hit in every way since it tastes great, is really easy to make, is packed with protein, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

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The perfect main accompaniment

Brighten up any Christmas lunch/dinner with this charred turmeric and cauliflower side salad. This salad is the perfect side accompaniment with any main. Served with dolloped creamy yogurt and drizzled with sesame and ginger dressing, this side salad will give ‘salad’ a new definition. It’s a crowd-pleaser – we promise, it’s absolutely scrumptious. 

Cool down with a refreshing dessert

Stews and curries are typically what spring to mind when thinking about turmeric. But you can use turmeric for more than simply savoury dishes. The earthy spice of turmeric pairs well with the rich sweetness of coconut and mango in this mango and turmeric coconut yogurt soft serve. Made with vegan ingredients this soft serve is a wonderful option for accommodating a larger range of dietary preferences. Pipe your soft serve into festive cups and sprinkle a light dash of turmeric powder on top for the finishing touch. 

This soft serve’s delicate, non-dairy texture makes it ideal for a midday pick-me-up or even an evening treat after a particularly indulgent day.

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Happy Holidays and feasting to all!