Questions & Answers

Whilst our aim is to educate on all things Turmeric and its health benefits, we are not trained experts. If you have a scientific or complex medical question, we would recommend joining the Facebook Turmeric User Group site, the veterinarian and medical moderators will be able to best advise.

If taking prescription medicine, please consult your doctor or vet.

Always buy from a reputable source, their Turmeric will have been checked for contaminants and heavy metals. Organic is always the safest. Not all Turmeric is equal, look for Turmeric that has a high Curcumin content above 3%.

Turmeric is the whole dried root of the Curcuma longa plant whereas Curcumin is an extract of one of the active compounds found in Turmeric.

Turmeric is the best and should be seen as a Superfood, incorporated into your daily eating habits. It is used to prevent and cure numerous health issues. Curcumin is very powerful and should only be used for a restricted time period as a curative. For example, if you had a bad Arthritis flair up, taking some extra Curcumin supplements in conjunction with Golden Paste/Turmeric for a few days, would be beneficial. Or if fighting cancer, taking a Curcumin supplement in conjunction with Golden Paste/Turmeric would be more strong and effective. So Curcumin is not recommended, to be taken over a long period of time.

Turmeric is not easily absorbed by the body (Bio-available). Golden Paste is a specific formulation to make Turmeric more Bio-available and therefore the most effective and safest way to consume Turmeric. See Golden Paste.

It is very versatile. You can take Golden Paste straight off a teaspoon, like a medicine dose. You can add to a warmed milk of your choice to make Golden Milk. You can add to your smoothies or the end process of cooking. Great in stews, mash, stir fries and curries.

As Turmeric is a Superfood, there is no exact dosage. Every body is unique. Always start off with small amounts and slowly increase until desired effects are felt. As Turmeric doesn’t stay in the body long, three times a day is better than once. For Turmeric Golden Paste, start on 1/4 of a teaspoon twice a day with food and slowly increase up to 1 teaspoon, three times a day. Turmeric powder supplements will show recommended dosage on pack and for Curcumin, should only be taken over a limited time frame.

It is always recommended to check with your doctor or vet first, if taking prescription medication. Turmeric does interact with certain drugs like blood thinners, as Turmeric is a natural Anti Coagulant. Anti-depressants, as Turmeric is a natural anti-depressant so may interact. Insulin, as Turmeric can reduce insulin resistance so must monitor glucose levels. Strong drugs like morphine and codeine, as Turmeric supplement with Piperine and Golden Paste can slow the metabolism of narcotics.

There are very few side effects from taking Golden paste/Turmeric powder. The most common side effects may include stomach upsets, diarrhoea and rarely ulcers. These are more commonly experienced when taking high dose Turmeric/Curcumin supplements over a long period no time.